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Rules!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Rules!!!!!!!!   Rules!!!!!!!! EmptySat Aug 15, 2009 1:02 pm

If you don't abide by these rules you will be warned or banned, depending on the infraction.

1. Do not swear

2. No sexual content

3. No flaming(arguing)

4. No God Modding

5. Do not ask to be an admin or a moderator, if you do we will lower your chances of getting apointed.

6. No spamming

7. Get Navis, Operators, and Battle Chips approved before using them, only admins and moderators may approve these. An admin must have his character approved by either another admin or a moderator, this also goes for moderators.

8. No illegal content

9. No Cannon Characters( Characters that have already been made)

10. Ask if you have a problem

11. If a person makes a dice roll and changes a post associated with it they will be punished. (Banned, Warned, Automatic Loss)
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